Personal development essential for growth

Stop for a minute!

What is one of the best and appropriate decisions you can make for yourself? It is to strive towards lifelong PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT!

It is a challenging and REWARDING journey with no final destination. Successful people/champions in the world, no matter how settled they are, keep working hard on themselves to stay on top of innovations and changes.


They are specific actions and goal orientated activities to improve people’ skills. The enhancements will increase productivity, performance and achievement. Because of the results people will be more encouraged in their strive for self actualization.

How do you stay competitive? Stay the champion you are or want to be? Make use of all your talents and gifts? Become wealthy? You have to improve your skills! When are you going to begin?

Do not be caught unprepared or unequipped! Read! Read! Read!

Our BLOGS page started in July 2020 with a post of what PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is. The posts continue with identified (and increasing) items that can be included in your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT journey.

TAKE ACTION: Choose an item in consultation with your mentor/coach from these posts or identify your own. Set up sessions for discussions, researching, planning, scheduling and commencing of your journey.

Do not delay. Life is short. You will grow during the journey and discover your amazing skills. Nobody can do your development for you.

See the wisdom below

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

It does not matter who you are, if you want to become and stay successful, you must start your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT at your earliest convenience

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” – J.P Morgan

Like all good projects you start your journey with reading

This book below is a best seller at the moment and a book that will assist you on your PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT journey.

Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.
Tony Robbins

“To reach your potential you must grow. And to grow, you must be highly intentional about it.” 
 – John C. Maxwell

You are invited to the BLOGS page where the over 40 PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT posts (and growing) with identified (and increasing) items, commences.

After the informative posts you can view on the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT BOOKS page. See what business philosophers say!

Christo van Biljon from Bloemfontein, South Africa